We each take a trip when we pull out of the driveway, and those trips sometimes become adventures, but what does it mean to embark on a true expedition? While it's fun to use the term 'expedition' to give our trips or adventures a cool sound, it’s important to know the difference and understand why overlanding is gaining in popularity.

Published in October 2008

Since you may not be familiar with the FJ Cruiser, we’ll start with little history.The creation of the Toyota FJ Cruiser was inspired by the original Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40 that was launched in 1960 . This iconic off road vehicle was sold in the United States until 1982 and has an amazingly large following. After the FJ-40, Toyota continued the Land Cruiser tradition with great models like the 60 Series, 80 Series, and 100 Series Land Cruisers. Today the Toyota Land Cruiser (200 series) has evolved into a luxury SUV, but it still maintains very good off road prowess. For more on the history of the Land Cruiser, visit these great sites:
The Toyota and Land Cruiser Association (TLCA)

Welcome to FJC Magazine!FJC Magazine January 2008

We're excited to finally publish the very first issue of FJC Magazine - free for anyone to download! This first issue includes great information for every FJ Cruiser Owner and Entusiast.  Just some of the topics in this issue include:

  • The RAPTOR is finally revealed: Mike's very customized TRD is an inspiration to us all!
  • FJ's On Ice - We went to Georgetown, CO for a little Ice Racing Fun
  • Ouray 2008 : The 2nd Annual FJ Summit is scheduled, now is the time to make your plans
  • Off Road 101 . . . New to Off Roading? Our first installment of Off Road 101 will help new drivers get a feel for their rig
  • Expedition Wheeling : Lance from The Expeditioneers dicusses what it means to build an Expedition Ready Rig
  • Penny Pinchers : Top 5 Mods Under $100
  • Preparation for the Bullet Buildup
  • Reader Rigs: El Diablo
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We welcome your feedback! Visit the feedback form if you have ideas, comments, or suggestions for FJC Magazine.

Thanks for everyone's support - and enjoy this first issue! 

Published in January 2008

FJC Magazine April 2008

Thanks for checking out the latest issue of FJC Magazine. We've been working hard to bring you the most interesting and helpful content possible. Enjoy this issue!

Some of the topics in this issue include:

  • We installed a Toytec 3" Lift on our TRD - Check out the full writeup with step-by-step instructions & plenty of pictures
  • CO-Jeff is our featured rig this issue
  • We have some great Reader Rigs as well!
  • Expedition Planning : Lance is back to share his knowledge and advice when planning for an expedition
  • Off Road 101. . . Tires & Wheels . We discuss which tire may be best for your FJ
  • Scangauge II : Eric tells us about one of the best gadgets for your truck
  • Off Road Navigation, Part 1 : Learn about what types of paper maps you should take out wheeling
  • Checkout our preview of the Spring Mud Fling
  • We also have coverage from the NE FJ Meet , the Colorado FJ's group, a few Reader Rigs, and MUCH MORE!
  • We've again created two versions of the only magazine dedicated to the FJ Cruiser:
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Published in April 2008

FJC Magazine July 2008
Thanks for checking out the latest issue of FJC Magazine. It's a busy time of year for us in preparing for the FJ Summit. We hope you enjoy this very special issue of the magazine.

Table of Contents:

  • Skid Comparison
  • Expedition Comfort
  • Off Road 101. . . Trail Armor
  • Dirty Toys School
  • Off Road Navigation, Part 2: Portable GPS
  • Team Necessary's "Old Girl"


  • FJ Bruisers Spring Mud Fling
  • 2nd Annual Thrill on the Hill
  • Featured Rigs: MIR & Air2Air
  • WAAG XS Basket
  • Stuck Happens!

Download the version that's right for you:
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Published in July 2008

Shane Williams - Toyota Cruisers & Trucks PublisherI've been an outdoor enthusiast and avid backroad driver for over 20 years.

I began by exploring Michigan’s northern forest roads as a teenager, which led to my first Jeep Cherokee when I moved to Colorado Springs in the 90's.
I saw the light in 2007 when my wife Angie & I bought our first FJ Cruiser and began exploring Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. We started FJC Magazine in 2008 as a 'healthy way for me to deal with my addiction', followed by Tacoma Magazine in 2011.

Today we're excited to bring our son Brenden and baby girl Alana on as many adventures as possible, and we can't wait to see what the future of TCT Magazine brings.

Published in TCT Magazine Team
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