Photos by:
Dennis Lloyd, Bob Holliday, Jim Akers, Angie Williams, Shane Williams

The Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Team was out in full force at FJ Summit #9 last week. Dennis Lloyd, our FJ Cruiser editor was primary for this trip, but he was joined by Daniel, Bob, Shane, and Jim as well. Jonathan is a director of the FJ Summit so even though he was there (and captured some amazing photos of the event for us), he wasn’t functioning in a TCT Capacity.

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It's been a busy summer so far for the TCT Crew, here are some of the great articles you'll find in this issue:

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Lone Star Land Cruiser Roundup


Deep in the Texas hills where rural communities flaunt rustic décor and pickup trucks are the primary means of transportation, the 12th annual Lone Star Land Cruiser Round Up entertained 163 people during four days of sunny spring weather. A jaunt around the campground reveals a truck variety spanning crawlers, expedition rigs, and low-tech Land Cruisers. Despite taking place at an off-road park, some attendees choose the path of Land Cruiser preservation over a dirt path. As an open event, other Toyota 4WD trucks are in the mix, but Land Cruisers account for the majority.

Toyota Cruisers & TrucksWe're excited to announce major changes to the staff here at Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine.

In an effort to continue to bring you the best Toyota, off road, 4x4, and outdoor news and information - we've just named Beau Johnston as our Editor in Chief. Krista will continue to serve as our Outdoor Life Editor while all of our Overland coverage will be handled by our crack-team of managing editors and contributors.

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The weather was....not perfect, yet the Toyota Cruisers & Trucks crew managed to capture amazing coverage of Overland Expo West 2015!

Camp TCT - Toyota Magazine Overland Expo 2015

Despite rain, snow, wind, and mud...plenty of mud, we met friends new and old, shared stories around propane campfires, socilized during happy hours, attended classes, and had one heck of a time gathering amazing Overland information for our readers.

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In late 2014 Angie & I made the decision to build a 2015 CrewMax Tundra as the flagship truck for Toyota Cruisers & Trucks magazine. This would be our sixth Toyota vehicle and the plan is to keep her for many years to come.

Read about our First 2000 Miles on the Tundra

TCT Explorer 2015 Tundra CrewMax Toyota Truck

The TCT Explorer was unveiled at the 2015 Overland Expo West event in Mormon Lake, AZ.

TCT Explorer 2015 Tundra CrewMax Toyota Truck

The TCT Explorer tackled Imogene Pass at FJ Summit #9!

2015 Toyota Tundra CrewMax on Imogene Pass - Ouray Colorado

 TCT Explorer 2015 Tundra CrewMax Toyota Truck

Build Details

Larry H. Miller Toyota of Colorado Springs was extremely helpful in our quest to find the perfect vehicle. While we initially looked in to a TRD Pro Tundra, due to a few key features (i.e. leather seats since we have small children), we opted to go with a Limited CrewMax. Also, Radiant Red is not available in the TRD Pro or Platinum editions, so Limited was the perfect choice.

TCT Explorer 2015 Tundra CrewMax Toyota Truck

Since we really love the styling of the TRD Pro, we got in touch with the experts at Toyota Racing Development so we could start work on transforming our Limited into the TCT Explorer. TRD Modifications include:

  • TRD Pro grille – Custom painted Radiant Red with white TOYOTA letters courtesy of Ken’s Colors of Colorado Springs, CO
  • TRD Dual Exhaust – Installed at TCT World HQ by Jim Akers & myself
  • TRD Pro Wheels – provide the tough look we like and at 17” will perform much better off-pavement than the original 20” wheels
  • TRD Pro style badges – The Tundra and 5.7L Badges
  • Color-matched mirrors – Custom painted Radiant Red by Ken’s Colors

TCT Explorer 2015 Tundra CrewMax Toyota Truck

Of course the TRD modifications only get us so far. We added additional features to the truck to help keep her daily driver manners while providing enhanced performance and utility both on and off pavement.

The Toytec Lifts Tundra BOSS Lift Kit provides approximately 3.5” lift in the front and 3” in the rear, and allows the larger 285/70R17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires from Discount Tire Direct to function without rubbing. Icon Vehicle Dynamics added their Tundra Tubular UCAs to help keep the truck aligned and provide extra strength for our off-pavement fun.

Toytec BOSS Lift Kit TCT Explorer 2015 Tundra CrewMax Toyota Truck

Truck Covers USA sent over their Roll Cover and American Work Cover Jr. toolbox for the bed. This is one of the best mods you can add to a multi-use truck. It provides enough extra storage for recovery gear and tie-downs, and helps keep gear in the bed safe and secure.

For a front bumper, we wanted something that matched the lines of the truck well, wasn’t too heavy, and includes a winch mount. The aluminum Tundra front bumper from Rock Slide Engineering fit each these criteria perfectly, and looks amazing on the truck.

RSE Front Bumper TCT Explorer 2015 Tundra CrewMax Toyota Truck

COMEUP Winch sent their new Seal Gen 2 12.5 winch to fit into the bumper, it’s a monster of a winch and will ensure we can self-recover from just about anything, or provide a quick pull to help Jeeps get out of a rut.

Coming soon: A full set of skid plates from Budbuilt.

The graphics on the truck are courtesy of AFM Graphics. Get in touch with Andy if you need any custom graphics for your truck. The price is right and self-install could not be easier.



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 Cruise Moab 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Magazine

Daniel is currently attending his 13th TLCA Cruise Moab event, but first as our Land Cruiser editor. He's been sending a steady stream of photos to the TCT Crew Desk, so check them out below!

More Cruise Moab coming from Toyota Cruisers & Trucks, Subscribe Free!

{flickr set=72157651846301687}

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CampTCT OverlandExpo

Bringing your Toyota rig to Overland Expo next month? Join the Toyota Cruisers & Trucks crew in the Camp TCT area! It'll be great to kick back, relax, and share stories of our adventures. Our designated camping area will be well marked and all vehicles are welcome :)
Please signup using this very short form so we know how many people & rigs to expect. We have to give our numbers to the Overland Expo Camping coordinator before the event, so please sign up before May 1st.

Direct link to the form:

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It's here, so make some time to read this amazing issue of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine cover to cover!

Our team has gathered some of the best articles you'll see this year for our April 2015 issue, including:

  • Land Cruiser Roundup
  • Comet Chasing in a 4Runner
  • National Parks
  • 2015 CrewMax Tundra
  • Rear FJC LED light mod
  • 5th Gen 4Runner Snorkel
  • Long Term Cooper Tire Review
  • Overland Baja California
  • Hiking Survival
  • 2Way Air System
  • Rokmen Off Road

You can also get TCT delivered straight to your iPad or iPhone via the TCT Magazine app. At just $2.99 per issue, or $9.99 for an annual subscription, it's the best way to experience Toyota Cruisers, Trucks, and SUVs. We include videos & slideshows for many articles, and everything is fully interactive!

We're also excited to welcome a new sponsor for this issue: Give a warm welcome to XVenture Trailers!

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Chasing Baja 1000 Toyota Magazine

“Canguro Race, this is Chase 1, do you copy?  If you copy, key your mic twice.”   …..Silence.  “Canguro Race, this is Chase 1, if you copy key your mic twice.” ……..Click……click.  “Chase 1 copies.  Canguro Race click your mic for your distance from pit location.” …..Click……Click……..Click.  “Chase 1 copies, three miles out.  Click mic twice to confirm.” ….Click…….click.  The radio in the race car has a problem and cannot transmit out for the chase crew to hear so we have resorted to questions, and responses using a series of clicks.  

And it begins, the entire pit crew will be a flurry of action in a few minutes as the Canguro Racing car 8155 comes flying into the pit location for a full check of the race vehicle, a full refuel, and a driver swap.  Everyone has an assignment and if we do it correctly the stop will last no more than a couple minutes before the race truck will be off again tearing into the night amidst a choking cloud of silt and blinding LED lights.  This is not your typical “overland” style trip, but in reality it meets just about all the criteria.  This is a 36 hour slog covering more than 1200 miles down the Baja California peninsula from Ensenada to La Paz, Mexico. We’ve got food (albeit gas station snacks), extra fuel, and camping gear.  Heck, we’ve even got the requisite ARB fridge and a couple of Roof Top Tents.  This is the Baja 1000 and once the race starts it’s a marathon of sleep deprivation, street tacos, dirt, and a lot of fun.

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