Overland Expo 2013 - FJC MagazineThe Overland Expo this year turned out to be quite the adventure for my 3 year old and I. You see, my lovely wife (and our Editor) Angie was planning on joining us at the event, and even spent three days in Ridgway to break up the trip a little (that’s a very good idea when you’re 7 months pregnant). Unfortunately, Angie got called back to Colorado Springs to work at the last minute, so it was Brenden & I for the rest of the journey.

Not wanting to fight the influx of campers like we did last year, we arrived at Mormon Lake early on Wednesday – to a completely empty field. It was actually kind of nice have a little freedom of movement to stake out the FJC/Tacoma camping area in advance. By noon on Wednesday, we had the Manley Explore model setup and ready for the event. We were able to spend a good bit of time exploring the grounds (Brenden is a budding Overland Rider with his Strider bike), and helping others get setup when needed.

Published in July 2013

Cruise Moab 2013 - FJC MagazineI was very stoked last May for my first trip to Moab & the 2013 Cruise Moab event! The drive to get there was an eventful journey all on it’s own.  I-70 was closed due to a blizzard and accidents so we decided to go through Buena Vista, Montrose, and get back on the freeway at Grand Junction.  Finally, we got off of the Interstate and made our way down highway 191 and into Moab.  The scenery along the way was unbelievable to say the least.  Driving past the entrance to Arches National Park set the scene for what was sure to be an epic adventure. 

We actually drove right through town, turned right at McDonald’s and out Kane Creek Road for about 15 minutes.  With this being my first trip to Moab, I wanted to camp somewhere with a truly Moab feel.  We set up camp in a BLM area that was surrounded by shear walls and views that were simply amazing.  Not a bad place to camp for my first trip to Moab for sure!

Published in July 2013

FJ Summit Event Guides through the years

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2007 FJ Summit Map Book


By Shane Williams

Published in FJ Summit

{tab=2009 Thrill on the Hill}

The third annual Thrill on the Hill event was held this year outside Cloudcroft, New Mexico on Labor Day Weekend. The HQ headquarters for the event was Camp of the Tall Pines, high in the mountains near Weed, NM. Nearly 70 FJ Cruisers made the trek this year, the weather cooperated (for the most part), and everyone had an amazing time!

Published in October 2009


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In late July nearly 200 Toyota FJ Cruisers made the trek from across the country to bask in the sunshine and play on the trails surrounding Ouray, CO for the 3rd Annual FJ Summit. Our trip this year  began like the others, with the convoy to from Colorado Springs to Ouray.  We like organizing this meetup and convoy because every year there are people coming from all over, and we want to make sure they see as much of Colorado's great scenery as possible on the way to Ouray.  The views on a clear day from Wilkerson Pass and Trout Creek Pass into Buena Vista are views you don't soon forget.  It never fails, we always have at least one on the CB that says “That's it, we're moving!”  Colorado is such a beautiful state and we like to show new-comers a good time!


Published in October 2009
Cruise Moab 2009 - FJ CruisersNearly every off road enthusiast dreams of visiting the 4x4 ‘mecca’ of the US – Moab, UT. Although we’ve been wheeling for years, we never were able to find the time to make the 7 hour trek over the mountains until this year for Cruise Moab 2009.
There are many 4x4 events held in Moab every year, and many others around the country. For a Toyota enthusiast, it just doesn’t get any better than Cruise Moab (CM).  People come from all corners of North America to participate in this annual event sponsored by Rising Sun 4x4 Club, and they all bring their toys.
Unlike the FJ Summit, most of the rigs at CM were older, hard core, trail ready trucks. While there were many FJ Cruisers, the great part of the event was running with everything from a nearly stock FJ-40 to complete custom 4Runner buggies. We even got to hit the trail with a classic FJ-45 truck!
We were not able to arrive until Wednesday night, so we missed out on some of the pre-running, but made up for it in a hurry. Early Thursday morning after registering, we hit US-191 south toward Canyonlands National Park, and Elephant Hill. This trail is rated a 4/10 by the Cruise Moab Committee, but is not like a ‘normal’ Easy (4) that we run in Colorado (see more on trail ratings in the sidebar). This trail has some very tricky obstacles, including a portion that you have to back down (or up on the way out) that proved to be a little confusing at first.
Luckily our Toytec lift, new BudBuilt skids and Aluminess front bumper provided all the clearance and protection we needed. We had no issues at all with the trail or the way our TRD performed. The group we were with was quite large, at over 20 Toyota trucks. About halfway through the run, Angie & I decided we needed to get our two dogs back on BLM land (they’re not allowed to roam the National Park), so we split from the group & headed out. As soon as we did 4 other FJ’s decided to roll out with us, so we ended up finishing the trail as an FJ only run. It reminded us of the Summit :)
Published in July2009

Our thanks to Daniel From the Northeast FJ’s crew for forwarding this account of the FJ Northeasters Lobster Run:
Well it was another successful and eventful trail run for the Northeasters! 

After much work and last minute scrambling Eric, Daniel, and John managed to put together a great event complete with lobster dinners and some exiting wheeling. Between the raindrops we ran through some of Maine’s finest fall foliage on scenic logging roads and muddy boulder infested inclines.

Published in April 2009

The first Dirty Toys School was held in Grand Junction, CO from May 16th to the 18th. This one of a kind school brings together Toyota 4x4 enthusiasts from around the country for three days of off road training. World renowned 4x4 instructor Bill Burke, along with Chris Nelson and Dave Logan, pulled out all the stops for this inaugural event.

FJC Magazine Contributor Eric Ross was there and kindly provided this report on the event.

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Published in July 2008

Team Necessary finished a team best 3rd place in the 2008 Baja 500 in Ensenada, Mexico. Taupo 1000 class winner Ryan Millen joined the team as co-driver for this event. Team Necessary has really shown what dedication, perserverance, and hard work can accomplish. On the pages of this article you'll find photos of 'Old Girl' along with a mile-by-mile narrative from Kevin Necessary himself.

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Published in July 2008
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