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One of the most important aspects of being in the wilderness is recovery. What I mean by that is having the proper gear and know-how to get yourself (or a companion) out of a ‘stuck’ situation.  Many times this knowledge goes unused, but it is crucial to being self-sufficient in case of an emergency.  Having the right equipment is essential and learning how to properly use it is the next step.

We took the opportunity to brush up on these skills during a “Recovery Run” with the Colorado FJ's.  We practiced a few recovery techniques that some of us had heard of but have never done.  It’s highly recommended that you make yourself familiar with these recovery techniques prior to actually having to use them on the trail.  A demonstration run is the best way to get people together to pool ideas and techniques that you may use down the road.

Published in April 2009
2008 was a great year for Off Road 101. We covered all the basics that a new FJ Owner should know:
January: Know your FJ
April: Tires & Wheels
July: Trail Armor
October: Suspension

Now that your FJ can handle most trails, we want to talk about being safe on the trail. We've divided emergency gear into Survival and Recovery (Part 2 April 2009).   Contents of emergency gear is always debatable. Some of the items included in your emergency kit will ultimately come down to personal preference, however, there are a few basics that virtually everyone agrees on. Please keep in mind that the items included in this article are what we feel are a good place to start. Some of them may not apply to everyone, and most people will certainly include additional items. Our objective is to give the new off road enthusiast a jumping off point for emergency preparedness.
Published in January 2009

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